it was a slow day (& the sun was beating)

9 May

On Friday, I went to Jiujiang University for my weekly Chinese lesson. The lessons started as an hour of basic Chinese, but it’s turned into listening to music, then an hour of Chinese, then dinner. This week, Rosabel took me to her favorite ròu jīa mó stand for a meat sandwich. People here describe ròu jīa mó as a Chinese hamburger–this one was spicy pork, a fried egg, pickled cabbage, and a big pile of seared lettuce on a small round pita. Extremely tasty…much better than the ròu jīa mó in my neighborhood. (I should have taken a photo of the food–maybe next time!)

Anyway, I’m under orders to post more photos, and I’m trying to update more often. So. Here are a couple of Friday pics.

Jiujiang University has two gates, one of which is brand new, and which opens onto a beautiful, landscaped park. I wanted to take more pictures because there are some crazy submerged statues of water buffalo in the stream, and also three more little bridges and a large lake, but I was running late and Rosabel was already waiting for me. Maybe next time.

We were having our lessons in the park, but it’s been in the 90’s here with 70%+ humidity. I guess this is normal for this part of China…it’s just hot. And damp. As I type this, the humidity is 93%! And it’s sunny and 87!

This is the classroom where we’ve been meeting to escape the weather.


One Response to “it was a slow day (& the sun was beating)”

  1. Jessica@Team Rasler May 11, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    I like the bridges. I do NOT like humidity. I don’t miss it at all, and every time I go back to MI for the summer, I step off the plane and groan when it hits me.

    Yes, food photos next time, please!

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