oh her eyes, her eyes

5 May

I spend all week dreading Thursday. It’s my longest day–I teach 4 classes, and they’re spread out so that I have 2 long breaks in the middle of the day. Neither break is long enough for me to come home–I don’t usually do the 40 minutes of walking, round trip, unless I have at least a 2 hour break. Plus, on Thursday nights I have a tutoring session after school, but my dinner break between my last class and tutoring also isn’t long enough for me to go home, so I end up eating in my office. These circumstances combine so that I leave at 10am on Thursday morning and don’t get back home until 9pm.

Luckily, once I make it through today, my week is pretty much over. On Friday, I only have 1 class in the early afternoon, so I can sleep in and then still have plenty of day left after work. And then the weekend!

This week, I’m doing a love song/terms of endearment lesson plan with all my classes. It’s fun, and I think it’s one of the more solid lesson plans I’ve put together, but we spend about half of the class listening to and discussing Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are”. I have listened to this song 30 times already this week, and it’s not like I loved it to start with. Basically, I don’t care if I never hear it again. The kids are very interested in learning about popular American music, though, and they’re not familiar with very much of it. They’re previous exposure is limited, so they’d never heard of Bruno Mars (or Hannah Montanah, or Beyonce, or Taylor Swift). I’ve used this kind of cloze activity once before with Miley Cyrus’s “The Climb” (which is great for reviewing present progressive), and they loved it.

Today I have 4 classes, so I will be listening to “Just the Way You Are” 12 more times. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t choose a song I really love, because I’d be sorry when I never, ever wanted to hear it again.


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