26 Mar

I didn’t mean to let a week pass between posts, but I’ve been sick and busy.

I was only recovered from the last cold for about 4 days before I caught another cold, which left me feeling pretty defeated this past week as I struggled through the coughing and the runny nose. I’m nearly totally recovered now, though.

I’ve also been under extra work pressure all week. This morning, we were supposed to have a group of students from a nearby rural school visiting, and I was asked to teach a demo class. The school even let me use the one multimedia room in the building, so I was able to create a powerpoint, which is a luxury.

I spent the week putting together a lecture on Easter along with the accompanying slideshow, and then having the slideshow revised multiple times by my colleagues, often in baffling ways. It was a very long process, and then, of course, it turned out that the rural students didn’t show up today, and I ended up teaching the class to a group of visiting teachers from the rural school and my own Senior 1 Class 1 students. It went well, but it was quite a bit of work.

Tomorrow, apparently I’m climbing a mountain. Jiujiang sits at the base of Mt. Lushan, which is very famous and beautiful, and a UNESCO world heritage site. I haven’t had the chance to see it yet, but tomorrow the school is taking all of the teachers for a climbing expedition. I’m excited about it, and hopefully I’ll have some photos to share soon!


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